“Since the installation of The I-Guard system at my business I sleep well at nights. Knowing some is watching over my property and my investment gives me comfort so I can concentrate on spending time with my family every night.”


“I spend half the money I was spending on security and have five times more coverage hours. This system is amazing.”

Steve B.

“We would have at least 2 to 3 break-ins every month. But thanks to our I-Guard system now we have none”

Michael Warren

“With our toughening economic times break-ins to our properties were becoming almost weekly occurrences raising our insurance premiums higher. With the installation and monitoring of I-Guard systems on our properties, we are able to maintain security and safety to our properties. Your knowledge and ...Read More

F.D. Panelized Structures

“Anyone who is using any security at their facility should consider this system and service. Not only we save money every month, but we also have increased our security coverage. This was a win-win situation for us.”

Jim Gallep Auto World Repairs